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"i want my works of words to give viewers a new path to fundamental, universal emotions. viewers can return to a piece time and time again, finding different layers of meaning and emotions. 

in producing clear definitions of my person, i also want to give viewers a vehicle to understand the commonness of our feelings, of everyone’s feelings, of everything’s feelings. i believe this understanding leads to deep satisfaction."

Paula Re is a Santa Barbara native. She began creating “cognitive art” in 2012, and has completed three full collections. She has worked with words her entire life and has desired to elevate words into the stage of displayable art. Her works are set in stone, as well as painted onto glass, and plexi-glass.

Paula has been selected in several multi–artist shows, and mounted  solo  artist  shows at Karpeles Museum, Santa Barbara 2013, Leigh Block Gallery at S.B. Hospice 2014 , and The Underground in Santa Barbara 2014.  Her works are in the collections of Lady Ridley-Tree and Bobbie Caradine, and Jim Messina among others.