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art medium and process: 

The majority of Paula’s work is done in acrylic on plexi-glass. She has also used stone, glass and metal as mediums for words. 

The first step in Paula’s process is gathering words around a thought. She works with the words to distill them to the pure essence of the thought. After working the words, Paula then listens to the cadence and emotion of the words to find a visual representation for the words to live in. 

Once Paula has a clear vision of a piece, she does a full size mock up in paper. 

If the piece is to be done on plexi-glass, a piece of plexi-glass is then cut and the surface to be  painted is sanded and prepped. Each color used on a piece is a separate layer of paint and must be applied and dry before the next color is used.  Artist quality acrylic paint is used on all plexi-glass pieces so as not to react with the chemical makeup of the plexi-glass. 

Working on the back side of the plexi, all lettering and images are be painted in reverse.  Also a reverse order to typical painting must be employed when applying layers of colors, i.e. highlight are painted first then objects, then background.  

Once the piece is complete, and dried, a final coat of acrylic is used as a sealer.